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What is the giving back program?

When I first started my freelance company back in 2009, I always knew that when I was in a position to be able to give back that I would do so to an organization that was close to my heart. After being a compassionate Vegan and animal advocate, I knew that would draw me in to want to support an animal sanctuary, which brought me to Little OinkBank Pig Sanctuary. Back in 2019 when I first went Vegan, I followed a large calf rescue in December of 2018. There was the cutest little calf named Rusty that I instantly fell in love with and followed his story. Once rescued he was transported to a Sanctuary in Kelowna BC and some of the others that made it out of their destiny of slaughter, ended up in Aldergrove BC, at- you guess it - Little OinkBank Pig Sanctuary. While Rusty is no longer with us, I am forever grateful to him for opening up my eyes, and heart, and made the best decision of my life to go Vegan and keep animals not only out of my cosmetics, but off my plate and body.

I scheduled in a tour of the sanctuary with the sole intention of meeting these beautiful little calf's (Alonso, Sundance, Mister Misty and Eddie) and instantly fell in love. Other than dogs, cows are definitely my favorite animals, and if you met one, you'd see why. They are big grass puppies, full of life, light and incredible healing abilities.

Through this tour became volunteer work with the sanctuary, which then morphed into being asked to join their Board of Directors. I got to know all of the residents of the sanctuary which includes goats, sheep, chickens, cats, dogs, pigs and cows. I couldn't imagine a better way to give back to the humans that take care of all these animals than setting up a giving back program to help support them and their growing needs.

With every Blended By Amber service 10% is donated to the babes of Little OinkBank. Together we can create not only better beauty rituals but also give back to the animals that were given a second chance to enjoy this beautiful life.

Book your session today to not only look good, but feel good and do good.

Learn more about Little OinkBank Pig Sanctuary at

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