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Do I really need a trial run?

Many of my clients ask, do I need a trial run before my wedding day services? The answer is... YES! Trial runs are a great way to try out different styles you gravitate towards and give you a full picture of your wedding day looks.

The trial run session is usually longer than your day of services so we can make changes and really pin point exactly what you want us to provide you with for your vision to come to life.

I like to suggest to my clients to schedule their trial run services on the same day as their engagement photos to see how it photographs, if they have any special events upcoming like an anniversary or party, or on a day you just want to feel fabulous!

Once the trial run is complete, a detailed consultation form is recorded to ensure we know exactly what products were used to create it, any additional notes for the day of and allows us to make for adjustments after the trial run is over.

If you are getting married and looking to book a trial run, let's chat! I would love to help you create a customized look to suit your beautiful unique features and vision.

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