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Mindful beauty services have arrived!

At Blended By Amber we believe that inner healing and self care go hand in hand. Have you ever had a rough start to your day and once you have put on your favorite outfit, accessory or makeup you start to feel better? It's no coincidence.

Mindful beauty is the practice of being present within the moment and focusing on the WHY. Why are you putting on your makeup? Is it truly for you and what makes you feel good, or is it a mask that helps you get through the day to day? Are you doing it because there are parts of you that feel they need to create a new identity, or is there residual feelings around self worth attached to your outer presentation?

However you may feel about your routines, Amber is here to help you Bridge the gap between inner healing and beauty rituals. She customizes skincare and

beauty plans that allow her clients to tap into the present moment and feel a sense of love, security, acceptance and gratitude. She works with them to fill the gaps of product knowledge, budget constraints, and eco-friendly options to create sustainable rituals that will benefit not only her clients, but the environment we thrive upon.

Amber also offers Reiki Healing Services that can help to deepen your inner healing and really connect to your soul's level. If you are looking to sink into the moment and create a beauty ritual that leaves you feeling your best, you are just a click away from your new YOU.

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