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Please welcome our new offering, Antidote Healing!

I am so excited to finally announce one of the things I have been quietly working on as we launch our new website and offerings. I have had some of my 2020 brides test out a new line up of healing elixir's that offering holistic healing in a bottle. While they may look like a juice, they are far from it, but give your life "more Juice" to continue on your daily adventures even when facing anxiety, dehydration, illness and injury.

With amazing feedback from my clients, friends/family and even myself, we have partnered up to create an even more relaxing experience during your service and big day.

Leave the anxious thoughts and possible cold feet at Bay while sipping on my absolute favorite elixir, Calm Your Crazy. It really does just that. With about 1/4 of a bottle you can start to feel the calming effects of this elixir within about 20 minutes. Enjoy during your service or drink right before the ceremony and let your stress fade away.

My other favorite and offering during your service is the Rosemary Water. This elegant and refreshing elixir made with just 2 ingredients boosts your mental clarity, provides hydration and revitalizes your senses by improving the oxygen availability to the brain.

All Blended By Amber Bridal Packages include your choice of Rosemary Water or Calm Your Crazy elixir. Elixirs are available for add on to any service.

For more information please refer to their website to see what Elixir suits your needs best! https://antidotehealing.com/

Photo taken by Amber Tobin


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