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Who is the face behind Blended by Amber?

A small town girl, with artistic dreams. With so many up and coming makeup artists and aspiring artist, its hard to choose which one is the best for you. I started my makeup journey back in 2009 at just 18 years old. After moving to the "big city" of Vancouver BC, I found it hard to find where I fit in the beauty industry. After volunteering to make connections for about 1 year, I really had to step up my game, and figured working in spas would make my career easier to jump start. After managing salons and working all aspects of the industry, I started finding my place in the beauty world.

For many years, I spend a lot of money finding the highest quality products, which I assumed was only found in high end luxury brands like Estee Lauder, Chanel, Tom Ford and so on, however they were often not working for the results I wanted, or what my skin needed. I made the switch to more natural options, and thats where my skin care and makeup routine really evolved.

I was introduced to a whole new world of Cruelty Free Beauty with a client requesting an all vegan makeup service. Prepping for her service, this helped me find sustainable and eco-friendly products that were not only beneficial to my clients and my skin, but helped create a smaller carbon footprint and save animals. While I aspired to become a vegan and create a completely ethical lifestyle, I found the transition to be difficult and slow paced, so this was a great way for to advocate for animals and support the destruction of animal testing.

As my artistry and experience evolved, I have now found the perfect balance between high quality, Cruelty Free, and affordable price points, which my clients love. Its such a great feeling to introduce another option to clients who feel they are trapped in only buying high end cosmetics to get those results, however there is a world of products out there just waiting to be on your face. Let's get together and create a routine that you can be excited about from start to finish. Your skin and wallet will thank you!

Photo taken at The Happy Herd Sanctuary by April Tobin


Mobile  Cruelty Free & Vegan Beauty Services

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