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 Giving Back Never Felt So Good!

I believe in standing up for what's right and support local initiatives that are close to my heart. With all your help, I was able to create a Give Back Program to support the residents and humans of Little OinkBank Pig Sanctuary, in Oliver BC. 

10% of all Blended By Amber Services and Packages is donated to the ever growing needs of Little OinkBank Pig Sanctuary. Feel good about taking care of yourself, and giving back to the animal we have all come to love. 


Who is LOBPS?

Little Oink Bank Pig Sanctuary is a safe haven for over 70+ rescued and rehomed farm animals including pigs, cows, chickens, goats, sheep and more. What started off as rescuing 3 pigs (a mom and 2 daughters) from a man selling them at a gas station, quickly turned into 18 pigs within a few weeks as both mothers were pregnant at the time.  


What does LOBPS provide for their animals?

LOBPS focuses on educating the public through their Teaching Tuesday social media posts, private tours and outreach.


Skip the zoo and aquarium and get a real hands on education about the many animals in their care. Stepping away from the "petting zoo model" owners Ron and Carrie are creating a new world for their babes.  


How can we give back to LOBPS?

I was so inspired to help create a kinder future for the babes of LOBPS after my first visit. I knew I wanted to do more and to help others discover all the good work they do for those in their care. 

With your help, I am able to donate 10% of all services booked in to help pay for food, bedding, vet bills, and maintenance to keep everyone safe. Donations are always welcome!



Why did I choose LOBPS to give back to?

When I started my Vegan Journey back in January of 2019, I, as many new and seasoned Vegans do, felt angry, upset, and sometimes defeated in my journey to compassion. I came across LOBPS as I was following a calf rescue and just had to meet them. A tour turned into volunteering, becoming a board member and creating this give back program.  

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