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A passion that sparked a lifestyle overhaul and career. Hi, I am Amber, but I'm sure you guessed that already! Offering my grandmother spa services as a young girl around 6 years old, I was given a safe space to be creative and discover my passion for the beauty industry. Right after graduation I moved to Vancouver to be professionally trained back in 2009. All my hard work, dedication, collaborations and constant hunger for more education has allowed me to provide safe, clean and beautiful services to my clients. It also helped me to achieve some very exciting milestones including 3 International Makeup Artistry Awards, several local and nation wide print publications and writing a few beauty articles!

I love to be in nature as often as I can with my little doggo's Taz and Roo volunteer at animal sanctuaries to soothe my Vegan Heart, and keep myself educated on the best in beauty! I hope to see you soon!


Makeup doesn't need an occasion, just a

safe space to fully be yourself.

Blended By Amber offers a selection of customized curated services for her clients to enjoy, in the comfort of your home, hotel or photoshoot location. I love getting out in nature to show case my work! My services include a start to finish pampering with high quality, clean and as much local products as we can source. Whether you are getting married, having a fun photo shoot, girls night out or just want to treat yourself to a "New You", I will ensure all your beauty dreams come true!

Minimalistic or Full Glam Bridal?

Keep it sweet and simple, or go all out. Your dream vision will be brought to life with a flick of my wizard brushes and years of experience. I am a big believer of enhancing your already beautiful features without creating a new you, unless that's what you're looking for. 

All bridal packages include a special gift to make your day even more magical.

 Check out our packages and book your big day today!

Beauty Meets Creativity

Beauty is not just about making changing your features and dismissing your "flaws". It's also about creating a safe space to be creative, try new things and take care of your wellbeing. Whether you are updating headshots to land your dream gig, taking some family photos, or creating a fun look for a photoshoot project, I am  here for you. Beauty is an art and you are the canvas!

Learning all the tricks!

I strongly agree that education is your best weapon in life, no matter what it's being applied to. So, I am locked and loaded with the newest beauty trends, product knowledge and sanitization practices. I also offer one on one or group lessons to create a timeless look within minutes, educate you on all things clean and vegan beauty, and even help you switch over your products if you need a refresher! What a perfect session going into the fall. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Cruelty Free & Vegan Beauty?

Beauty always comes at a price, but the price shouldn't be a life, animal or human. With so many exciting new products on the market to choose from, why would you opt in for something created with animal secretions or continue to promote barbaric animal testing practices and conditions for our most vulnerable animals. Skip the cruelty and go straight for compassion. Let us show you how easy it is to make the switch without having to compromise quality.

What should I expect during my service?

Great makeup doesn't just happen, it is a process and often starts with your skin care routine. Think of your skin as a canvas. If you aren't prepping and priming that canvas before applying your paint it will not be evenly covered, will show imperfections more clearly, and may not give you the result you wanted. The same is for your beautiful face! We will start by cleansing and prepping the skin to ensure it lasts all day and looks flawless. We will then batt those beautiful lashes, curl up those locks and have some great conversations along the way to your more desired self!

Does Blended By Amber offer group rates?

We sure do! We believe that compassionate beauty should be accessible by all, no matter what your needs are. Plus, beauty is meant to be shared with those you love most! Whether you are thinking of doing a girls night out, bridal party services, or a group makeup lesson, we have you covered. 

Send us a hello with your details and we will customize a package to suit your unique experience. 

Contracts, Payments and Deposits. 

While we wish we could live off of your kind words and beautiful smiles, funding keeps our little dream going. 

A service contract and a 20% non-refundable deposit will be required on the day of booking your service date. This allows us to save the date just for you!

We accept Cash, E-transfer and Blended By Amber Gift Cards.


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